April 5, 2023
Important News Update

According to several news sources, a man threatened to blow himself up with a bomb at the Rodman Dam last evening. Sources say that the Putnam County Sheriff’s office had their bomb squad at the scene until 3 in the morning until the situation deescalated. The name of the person has been released. He has no known connection to the Ocklawaha Coalition or its partners. For more details, please visit the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office site. This is a troubling and life-threatening event; we continue to ask everyone not to suggest or joke about similar actions and will continue to remove such comments from our social media.

“The Coalition and our partners have not and will not condone using criminal or violent actions to remove or breach the Rodman/Kirkpatrick Dam. In fact, we have always asked our river restoration supporters to refrain from using language that refers to blowing up the dam, even in jest. Such extreme actions would put hundreds of downstream homeowners and businesses at risk. Safety of the Welaka community has and continues to be a priority for us."