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It's time to restore the Ocklawaha River! Breaching a portion of the Rodman/Kirkpatrick dam will allow access to essential natural, warm water winter habitat for manatees, bring back migratory fish and shellfish, help restore three river ecosystems, and reconnect a 217-mile lost riverway for boaters from Lake Apopka north of Orlando to the Atlantic Ocean near Jacksonville.

The dam’s 50-year life expectancy has come to an end. To pour millions into repairing and maintaining this relic does not make sense economically nor environmentally.

The Ocklawaha, a unique river of natural springs, abundant fish, and manatees, was unnecessarily dammed in 1968. The Rodman/Kirkpatrick Dam was constructed for the Cross Florida Barge Canal before it was halted in 1971. The dam flooded over 7,500 acres of forested wetlands, 20 springs, and 16 miles of the Ocklawaha River. The continued decline of water quality, spring flow, wetland forests, fish and wildlife, and recreation use led American Rivers to designate the Ocklawaha River as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2020.

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