Science Committee:

Casey Fitzgerald, Former Assistant Director of Water Resources Department, SJRWMD - Environmental policy
Ed Lowe, PhD, Former Director of Environmental Sciences & Chief Scientist, SJRWMD - Aquatic and wetland ecology

Chris Farrell, Northeast Florida Policy Associate, Audubon Florida - Community ecology
Jim Gross, Executive Director, Florida Defenders of the Environment - Hydrogeology
John Hendrickson - Former Supervising Environmental Scientist, SJRWMD - Water Quality
Bob Knight, PhD, Executive Director, Florida Springs Institute - Springs and wetlands ecology
Jack Putz, PhD - Distinguished Professor, Department of Biology, University of Florida, Botany
Pat Rose, Executive Director, Save the Manatee Club - Aquatic biology
Pete Sucsy, PhD, Former Technical Program Manager, SJRWMD - Hydrodynamics
Ken Sulak, PhD, Scientist Emeritus, USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center - Fish biology
Bob Virnstein, PhD, President, St. Johns River Institute & Owner, Seagrass Ecosystems Analysts - Estuarine ecology
Quinton White, PhD, Director, Marine Science Research Institute, Jacksonville University - Marine biology