Photo by John Moran

A 2017 UF Economic Study stated that the economic impact from eco-tourists who use the natural portions of the Ocklawaha River is twice that of the anglers and boaters at Rodman Reservoir. Annual use of the reservoir sites has been on a downward trend since records began in 2004, while use of the natural river sites has increased.

A restored Ocklawaha with improved and more diverse recreational choices will boost the economy of Putnam and Marion counties and beyond. Jobs would be created for restoration work, as well as long-term jobs supporting the outdoor recreation economy. Tourism would see increased local and out-of-area visitors due to more diverse sports fishing, boating, hiking, camping, manatee and wildlife viewing and snorkeling/swimming adventures. Breaching the Rodman Dam restores a lost blueway for motorboats and paddlers from the Atlantic Ocean to the Harris Chain of Lakes providing a rare multi-day blueway experience like nonother.


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