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Karen Chadwick

Owner and Operator of North Star Charters and Paleo-Art, exhibit design and production, Interlachen, FL

As a Florida native, Karen Chadwick spent her childhood exploring the woods and waterways of her home state. After receiving a BFA for sculpture and painting from the Ringling School of Art and Design, she worked with several environmental education centers and museums to fabricate exhibits. Her expertise in paleontology, archaeology, geology, and hydrogeology and history.

Karen, a licensed boat captain, owns and operates North Star Charter Service, specializing in heritage tours. She navigates the rivers and lakes of north central Florida describing the paleontological, archaeological and historical events that took place along the shorelines.

website: www.northstarcharters.net
email:  Karenchadwick95@yahoo.com

Erika Ritter
Owner and Operator of A Cruising Down the River, Eureka, FL

Erika Ritter’s family has lived in Florida since the early 1800’s. She bought her first fiberglass canoe at age 18 and then a big Jon boat with a 65 hp motor in her 30s. In 1983, after years of working in a dental office, she and her then husband started a pontoon boat business in Marion County. They led the first environmental tours in the area. The Silver River to Silver Springs was their first love and fishing the Ocklawaha with folks was their joy.

Today, her tours focus on the Ocklawaha River, right outside her door. In 2006, she bought a pontoon and has been spreading the word about getting the lost fish back and water quality improved by removing the dam that has permanently choked the Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.

website: www.captainerikasfloridaboatcharters.com
Text message: (352)-299-0282

Lars Andersen
Owner and Operator of Adventure Outpost LLC, Ft. White, FL

Lars Andersen has been a full-time river guide in North Florida for over 22 years and a nature & history writer for almost 30. Of all the tours he leads (72 Florida waterways) none are as unique and ecologically significant as the Ocklawaha.

Lars began writing about nature in the mid -1980s.  His first work, an audiobook titled “North Florida Adventure,” was an educational look at the history and locations of North Florida through the eyes of fictional characters. Since then, Andersen, a Florida native, has had a long career as an environmental writer and a nature tour guide. About 15 years ago, he opened the Adventure Outpost in High Springs, Fla.

website: www.adventureoutpost.net
Adventure Outpost LLC, Ft. White, FL
Phone: (386) 454-0611



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