February 2022

TaxWatch Report Supports Ocklawaha River Restoration

Florida TaxWatch issued a new report this week – “A River (No Longer) Runs Through It: Ocklawaha River Restoration.” The report conclusion says, “Florida TaxWatch supports the breaching of the Kirkpatrick Dam and the partial restoration of the natural flow of the Ocklawaha River. Florida TaxWatch recommends the legislature appropriate funding to bring about this partial restoration. To do otherwise would be a dam shame.”

The report included both pro-restoration and pro-dam environmental and economic arguments with extensive citations to support partial restoration and limited documented data to support keeping the dam. Review the full report including citations: TaxWatch Report

Florida TaxWatch outlined why it thinks that now is the right time to move forward:
  1. The state is going to have to “fish or cut bait” and decide the future of the Kirkpatrick Dam and Roman Reservoir. The time is now.
  2. The costs of each option are not exorbitant.
  3. Federal and state moneys are available.
  4. Extensive state (FDEP 1994) and federal (USDA FS 2001) reports recommended partial restoration of the Ocklawaha River which includes breaching the dam.
This is the second report issued this month presenting data and support for restoration of the Ocklawaha River. A Barcelo & Company Benchmark Poll showed a general approval rating for restoration from likely voters in Putnam and Marion counties of 77%.

To learn more about the economics of Ocklawaha River restoration download the fact sheet Ocklawaha Economical Brief and watch a short video: Economics .

“Florida TaxWatch undertakes this independent research project to assess both options to provide policymakers with information they will need to make an informed decision regarding the future of the Ocklawaha River.”

Dominic Calabro, Florida TaxWatch President and Executive Editor
TaxWatch Report
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