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This week, the Free the Ocklawaha River for Everyone Coalition released a 52-page educational viewbook on The Great Florida Riverway for federal, state, and local leaders. A copy should arrive at your Tallahassee office no later than Friday. Learn more about this Riverway and the voices that support its restoration."

Discover how a free-flowing Ocklawaha benefits three rivers, Silvers Springs, and the Atlantic fishery


See what 19 anglers, scientists,

economists, and businesspeople say about the Riverway.


Discover where 22,464 Action Alerts came from during the recent campaign.

Be first to see eight transformational UF student projects for a restored Ocklawaha River.


Have 46 recent media stories at your fingertips.

If you missed your hard copy, view it here:

Free the Ocklawaha
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