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December 2, 8 to 9 pm

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WHAT: The Great Florida Riverway: 3 Rivers, 50 Springs, 1 Solution
Online production featuring 24 interviews and stunning videography from Lake Apopka to the Atlantic.

WHERE: Go to GreatFloridaRiverway.com on Dec. 2 to launch livestream via Facebook or YouTube.

WHO: The Free the Ocklawaha Coalition represents 34 state and national organizations which collectively represent millions of supporters. Its mission is to restore the Ocklawaha as a free-flowing River, reconnecting the Ocklawaha, Silver and St. Johns Rivers.

What is The Great Florida Riverway?
Many elected leaders are not familiar with this economically and environmentally significant three-river system and its importance to the economy of river communities in Central and Northeast Florida.

The Great Florida Riverway, a vast 217-mile three-river system is comprised of the Ocklawaha River, Silver Springs and the Silver River, and the lower St. Johns River. This network of riverways, tributaries, lakes, and more than 50 freshwater springs extends from the Green Swamp and Lake Apopka in Central Florida to the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville - representing some of Florida’s most vital water resources.

Fifty-two years ago, the Ocklawaha, one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2020 and the heart of the Great Florida Riverway, was dammed. Constructed for the Cross Florida Barge Canal that was never completed, the Rodman Dam severed this historic natural riverway for people, fish, manatees, and other wildlife. The 52-year-old, obsolete Dam never served its intended purpose, is past its life expectancy and would cost millions to repair.
Breaching the Dam to create a free-flowing Ocklawaha River would reconnect The Great Florida Riverway to its original, natural path providing diverse recreational opportunities, creating new jobs, uncovering 20 lost springs, improving water quality, and restoring thousands of acres of forested wetlands.

By watching the Great Florida Riverway Premier you will:
  1. Learn about the economic opportunities, ecology, and history surrounding this vital Riverway.
  2. Hear anglers, business owners, scientists, river guides, and economists who live, recreate, and work along the entire stretch of the Riverway share their stories.
  3. Explore the economic and environmental benefits of a free-flowing Ocklawaha River system created by breaching the Rodman Dam.
  4. Envision future recreational opportunities for The Great Florida Riverway for all Floridians.
For more information go to Freetheocklawaha.com.
To schedule a virtual briefing, email MSpontak@FreetheOcklawaha.com
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