Free the Ocklawaha
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May 28, 2020
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Florida Trend Executive Editor Mark Howard
on the Rodman/Kirkpatrick Dam

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The Natural Ocklawaha River

The Rodman/Kirkpatrick Dam

1000's of Acres of Devastated Forest

The Rodman/Kirkpatrick Dam is past its 50-year life expectancy. To pour millions into repairing and maintaining this dam that never served its intended purpose does not make sense economically or environmentally.

Florida Trend Executive Director Mark Howard shares his views in this edition of Florida Trend. Howard says, “There are good arguments for breaching the dam in 2021.” Find out more in his column

Ocklawaha restoration offers a stimulus-ready project that provides jobs, increases tourism, and helps restore Silver Springs, the Ocklawaha and the St. Johns River Estuary, providing an economic lift in Northeast Florida during this economic downturn.

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